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Our new dummies have arrived to provide a flexible and realistic option to perform training. It doesn't matter if you are in the basement or the balkony of your house or flat. You can also be in your grandparents garden. The dummy never raise a hand telling that it hurts or is enough and those guys are quite flexible to support your style of training. The dummies are available in different models and shapes: - throwing dummies with filling and in 4 different sizes - throwing dummies...
You want your own design printed on our T-Shirt, your Club logo mbroided in your Judo uniform, your name on your team bag, ......? You want your sponsor on your team wear, bags, karate uniforms, ....? You want team- or clubwear in your own design, cut, colors, ......? We can do this for you, sure it will take between three and five weeks dependent on your requirements but we can do it. Talk to us we will help and guide you and finaly provide you an afordable offer. You want the extras?...